Where did the Mamluk sultan spend his vacation?

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The Mamluk sources recorded the various internal and external travels of sultans; mentioning that some of them were travels for military purposes, while others where follow up visits. Remarkably, the sources also recorded the travels that could be considered as vacation travels, which we can consider according to our present understanding as tourism.
The present study aims to investigate those non-military and non-political travels in order to reveal the preferred destinations of Mamluk sultans for vacation within Egypt. The study aims to clarify the reasons for the sultans’ travels such as recreation, relaxation, hunting, recuperation of illness...etc. It will also disclose how often sultans travelled, what was the average length of their travels and who accompanied them during such travels. Moreover, the study will discuss the activities practiced during such travels for enjoyment and entertainment. The present study intends to focus on the social aspect of the lives of the Mamluk sultans during the travels which can tell a lot about their interests, activities, wealth and social relations with surroundings. It will also discuss the potential use of these destinations in tourism. 


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