Sustainability and Water Consumption Rationalization in the Hotel Sector: Applied to Five-Star Hotels in Hurghada

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The city of Hurghada is one of the most important tourist attractions on the local and international levels, Due to its natural and human characteristics, which are considered attractive factors for tourist activity. Views of the importance of the hotel sector and its impact on the environment, most of the international hotels tend to rationalize water consumption as a requirement of development in the hotel sector. The aim of this study is to identify the extent to which hotels in Hurghada are committed and raising awareness among decision makers and employees to rationalize water consumption. The study community consisted of (25) five star hotels in Hurghada. The Questionnaires were distributed to managers and heads of (25) hotels, while twenty-two questionnaires were accepted but three were rejected. In light of the results of the study has reached a number of recommendations, including awareness rising for all employees of the hotel, rationalizing the proper use of water and various rationalization methods, as well as training courses for all sections of the hotel in rationalizing the use of water. In all parts of the hotel, the best means should be used to support the application of best environmental practices within the hotels and interest in spreading awareness of the rational use of water and rationalization methods through various media.


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