Marriage and Divorce in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Iraq (Mesopotamia): A comparative Study

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Marriage and divorce are one of the most important topics affected at the social life of any civilization. It is one of the things that organizes the relationship between men, women and children and affected on the family relationship. Therefore, this study aimed to study marriage and divorce in the ancient Egyptian civilization and comparing it with one of its contemporary civilizations (ancient Iraq), it aims also to clarify the effect of customs, traditions, and different laws on marriage and divorce in both civilizations. The study examined the role of the family in the society in both civilizations, marriage and its ceremonies, marriage contracts, and marital rights that women enjoyed in both civilizations, polygamy and its causes, as well as divorce and its causes, and its results. The research reached some results, for example, that marriage was one of the relationships that are determined and organized by customs and traditions at ancient egypt, but it was organized at Mesopotamia by their ancient legislations which were influenced also by their customs and traditions. And these rules and customs in Egypt and Iraq have similarities at times and differed at other times, besides to the different geographical environment in which each people lived and interacted with.


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