Identification of e-HRM Practices in Egypt Five-star Hotels: A Quantitative Approach

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This paper aims to identify the effect of e-HRM practices on hotel performance by measuring HRM service quality and employee productivity in Five-star hotels in Cairo. This study used a quantitative research approach. Data was collected through questionnaires from 25 Five-star hotels in Cairo selected to be the sampling frame. A convenience sample technique was chosen in this research to collect data using administrated questionnaire to HR managers, HR supervisors and HR employees. The total number of distributed questionnaires was 500 copies out of which only 350 have been returned. The general response rate was 70%. SPSS (Version, 26) software was used for analysis data.
The results showed the importance and benefits of e-HRM application in Five-star hotels in Egypt. The results explain the agreement of the participants for e-HRM practices in five-star hotels. Additionally, the findings highlight the importance of e-HRM practices, which include operational, relational and transformational. The aforementioned practices help to improve the human resources service’s quality and employee productivity, which in turn will lead to an improvement in the hotel’s performance. This current study contributes to the theory by enriches the existing literature on e-HRM and it showed that importance of e-HRM application in hotels. However, the current study has some limitations. Firstly, this paper concentrates on a specific category of hotels (Five-star hotels). Secondly, the research focuses on a specific geographical location, Cairo. Therefore, future research should address more hotels in Egypt.


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