Resources and Capabilities Impact on Egyptian Travel Agencies' and Hotels ' Competitive Advantage: The mediating Role of Environmental Marketing Strategy

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The extremely dynamic and competitive environment of the tourism industry leads to the search for new methods and strategies to distinguish itself from its competitors. One of the primary trends in this sphere is environmental marketing strategy that can exploit all organizations' resources and capabilities. It can also use as a good strategy and an essential pillar for the development and sustainability of travel agencies, restaurants, catering firms, hotels and so on. The purpose of this study is to investigate the organizational resources and capabilities effect on sustainable competitive advantage through the mediating role of environmental marketing strategy within Egyptian travel agencies and hotels.
The present study is based on quantitative method to reach its aim. Data collection technique for the study is a structured questionnaire to collect data from 297 managers of five-star hotels and travel agencies (Category A) in Cairo which counted 33 hotels (Egyptian Hotel Guide, 2017) and 1267 travel agents (The Egyptian Travel Agents Association, 2017 and Egyptian Chamber of Tourism Establishments, 2017) to perceive their opinions on these resources and capabilities that lead to adopt an environmentally friendly strategic, and how this strategy affect competitive advantage. Statistical analyses were performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 22) software. Results of study have been considered significant at p ≤ 0.05. Systematic random sampling was used since the subjects were chosen due to their convenient accessibility and proximity. Data collection was carried out during the period from November–December 2019. The study has revealed very valuable results in the way it investigated the perceptions of managers on the role of organizational resources and capabilities which lead to build EMS. Meanwhile, this mediator factor of environmental marketing strategy showed a significant positive effect on agencies’ and hotels’ sustainable competitive advantage.


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