The Crisis Management Practices: The Case of Egyptian Hotels



This research attempts to assess crisis management practices used in 3- & 4-star hotels in great Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. an integrated approach is implemented to enhance the crisis management system of the hotels. Moreover, the research aims to exploring the crisis management practices which applied and illustrate which practices managers consider important and which practices managers actually use during a crisis.   Data collection technique for the research will be a questionnaire to collect data from different head of Departments or Assistants in 3 & 4-star hotels in great Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. The questionnaire was sent to 450 participants Responses were received from 400 participants (89%). Obtained data will be analyzed using SPSS version 22.
The results of this research explain that 3 & 4 star hotels in great Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh must respond to internal and external hazards such as disease movement and terrorist attacks, Crisis management plan is important to promote hotels and tourist destinations to the guests and holiday advisors. Hotels invest a lot to install protective techniques, Practitioners propose disaster management frameworks using several measurements. Recovery from crisis and learning help business retention that minimizes negative impacts and prevent losses. Finally, effective crisis management plan C.M.P. and organized practices are very important to overcome the hazards and return to normal. It is suggested that knowledge management principles can improve crisis management and planning. To that extent, a conceptual framework is offered.
The research has provided hotels managers with some feedback on the overall perception of their CMP and the practices better to use in case of crises. The research has indicated That There is a positive significant statistical relationship between the crisis management practices using incase of crises and booth of the head of department`s awareness about (the concept and functions) and (the Effects and Benefits) of the crises management plan (CMP).
Moreover, Most of respondents indicated that the most Practices may use in case of crisis is (Replacing high-tenure employees with line employees), followed by (Freezing pay rates), followed by (Firing employees to reduce labor force), which means that in case of any crisis the hotels industry lost a lot of experienced employees which very dangerous for the industry in case the crisis take a long term. And also, The results from the research indicated that an overall average of the Practices may use in case of crisis in Sharm hotels more than in Cairo hotels.


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