Towards Marketing the Nubian Tourism and Hotel Services

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The purpose of this study is to market the Nubian character and to highlight the interesting artistic aspects of the Nubian heritage and to show the world its beautiful appearance. Nubia is considered one of the most significant areas with tourism components. Such components have not been exploited efficiently, which affects negatively the local development of the region. A survey is conducted a group of tourists that viewed the Nubian characters to get acquainted with their views on the provided tourism services. The results indicate that there is an agreement which there was a high level of motivation of travelling to the Nubian addition to the statements Advantages of the Nubian inheritance. Moreover, the results showed that the hotel services provided in Nubian society were characterized by high level of service, which the statement of the quality of food and decor have the highest level of services provided in Nubian. Finally, implications and recommendations are discussed based on the results


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