Conceptualizing the Relationship between Internal Branding and Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry: A Psychosocial Approach.

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Internal branding is a key aspect of aligning employee behavior with the values of the organization and has been linked to employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The present research seeks to develop a theoretical framework that can guide the development of an effective internal branding strategy based on the rational choice and the social exchange theory. A literature review of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies conducted in the last decade is used to accomplish this goal.
The results of this study suggest that internal branding can significantly influence employee engagement and, consequently, customer satisfaction. In consonance with the rational choice and the social exchange theory, positive brand behaviors are predicted by psychological brand ownership, an organizational culture that discourages peer aggression, and an effective use of both tangible and intangible incentives. The current research suggests several future directions that researchers can undertake to advance internal branding knowledge and its impact on customer satisfaction. Research limitations and recommendations are discussed at the end of this paper.


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