Challenges Facing Medical Tourism in Jordan from View of Tourism Decision Makers

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Viewpoint of a sample of decision-makers in the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire of 13 items was constructed. After verifying its validity and consistency, it was applied to a random sample of (180) members of the tourism decision makers in the sector. Therapeutic tourism, data were entered into the SPSS program for analysis. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the challenges facing medical tourism in Jordan due to the two sex variables with scientific qualification, while statistically significant differences appeared due to the impact of the experience variable. In light of the previous results, the researcher recommended the necessity to take into consideration the list of challenges revealed by the current study and work to solve them in order to promote medical tourism in Jordan. The need to review the cost of medical treatment and reduce taxes as much as possible in this sector, where the high cost represents the most prominent challenges facing the tourism sector in general and particularly medical tourism.


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