The Role of Trustworthiness in Achieving Customers’ Loyalty in Tourism and Hotel Sectors

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Recently, many tourist companies and hotels have lost its credibility which adversely affects customer’s confidence, trust, experience, satisfaction, preference, and choice of a tourist company or hotel. Moreover, the term trustworthiness was discussed in some studies to clarify its impact on customers' attitudes and their purchasing decisions, but this is not sufficient, as this topic needs more extensive studies to fill this scientific gap. Therefore, there is an urgent need to conduct extensive studies investigating the effect of trustworthiness on customers' choices, preferences, satisfaction, and loyalty. From this perspective, the study seeks to measure the role of trustworthiness in achieving customers’ loyalty in the tourism and hotel sectors. This research reports the findings of a questionnaire from 369 customers (188 hotel customers and 181 tourist company customers). This survey consisted of 16 items based on a five-point Likert scale technique ranging from: “strongly disagree” (1); to “strongly agree” (5) was used to measure trustworthiness drivers and customer loyalty factors. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Six hypotheses were verified, and all of them were supported by hotel customers' perspectives, but regarding the perspectives of tourist companies' customers, only four of them were supported. The results reveal that all dimensions of trustworthiness have a significant impact on customers' loyalty in the hotel sector. Meanwhile, two drivers of trustworthiness (expertise and competence; and benevolence) have a significant impact on customers' loyalty in tourist companies.3


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