Do SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge behavioral competencies be beneficial for Hotel HR Managers? The Case of Cairo Five-Star Hotels

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The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) Body of Competency and Knowledge is the basis for the SHRM credentials. The SHRM dictates the behavioral competencies and HR knowledge needed for effective job performance of managers. The current study tries to investigate the importance of the factors dictated by the model of competency (2017 edition) from the viewpoint of HR hotel managers working in five-star hotel chains in Cairo. The study uses a questionnaire design consisting of 33 HR manager. It investigates individual factors that potentially explain the new “competency model” that itemizes what a new HR manager really needs within the context of hotel sector. The study reveals significant benefits of behavioral competencies dictated by the SHRM model 2017 edition. A multiplicity of factors explains the role of these competencies in advancement. The findings indicate that HR managers advancement and success is explained by the model set of factors. The study findings suggest vital practical implications for the development of these competencies within the performance appraisal of HR managers.


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