Health Affairs in Universities’ Cafeterias: A Case Study of Minia University

Document Type : Original Research Articles



Health affairs are considered one of the most important factors to be considered in all establishments, especially those providing food and beverages such as cafeterias, because they have essential impact on the health of peoples, whether employees or customers, because these outlets provide food and beverages for them. The aim of this research is to evaluate the health affairs applied in Minia University cafeterias. This research was applied to Minia’s University cafeterias as a case study of Universities’ cafeterias. The sample of this research consisted of all Minia university cafeterias (21). The researchers designed an observation list to explore health affairs practices applied at all Minia’s University cafeterias. The collected data were analyzed statistically using SPSS V 23. The results of this research showed that each of health affairs operations (personal hygiene, food storage, equipment and tools cleaning, food handling; cleaning and sanitizing practices) applied at all Minia’s University cafeterias are weak, also there is no training program related to health affairs practices for employees in Minia’s University cafeterias.


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