The Factors Affecting Customer Decision on Online Hotel Booking: the Case of Luxor



With the digital revolution, travelers can compare prices and get information about the experience of other guests, which can influence online hotel booking. In addition to hotel customers can readily find most of the information they need online price, location, star rating, comfort, cleanliness, security, service quality and reputation to compare hotel properties and choose the most appropriate. Online reviews and ratings have an important role in the decision-making process, reducing uncertainty. Interaction is a seriousness feature of marketing communication; hotel website interactivity is indispensable to engage customer attention towards online buying or online booking. The research objective was to shed light on the factors affecting customer decision on online hotel booking. The study has some of limitations: The data was collected through questionnaire with a sample of Luxor hotels the period of January 2020 till March 2020. The received questionnaires were 860, but the correct samples to be statistically analyzed were 720 with a percentage of 83.7 %. This tool was used to investigate the factors affecting customer decision on online hotel booking. Results showed that there are many factors such as (Previous guests' experience, location, price and loyalty program) positively influences on online hotel booking. Moreover, online hotel booking positively influences on hotel booking.


Main Subjects