Program of Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies in Tourism Education: Case Study of a U.S Program and Potentials of Application in Egypt

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Museum and cultural heritage studies has become an important trend in various educational institutions and universities all over the world as an essential mean of emphasizing the identity of nations on one hand, and for the economic and cultural benefits gained by protecting it on the other. The main aim of this study is to clarify how such program can be of the highest priorities in Egyptian tourism education today due to the vital role played by cultural heritage in tourism in Egypt. Regarding the fact that such programs are still under development in Egypt, it is important that the study should take a model of an already existing program of this type as a case study to examine its potentials as a standard that can be followed. I was able to achieve the goals of this study and conduct this research as I had the opportunity to study the master program of Heritage and Museum Studies in the University of Denver (DU), Colorado, U.S on ground as a Fulbright award granted visiting scholar in the academic year 2018/2019. The research therefore aims at studying the importance of such a program and how it benefits students in terms of academic outcomes in general and how museum studies form a very important part of it. The research uses the methodology of "case study" of the program of the University of Denver, participant observation of the major components of the program in classrooms or in field; and the "analytical study" of its curricula, courses, syllabi, instructional strategies and internship in seeking to achieve the research objectives to examine the possibilities and potentials of developing a similar program in tourism education in Egypt. The data is collected through semi-structured interviews addressed to students about their perceptions and expectations; and professors of the program about the teaching strategies and methods used in the program. The Research ends with a suggested framework of a program of museum and cultural heritage studies that can be developed in the Egyptian tourism education.


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