The Common Figs ‘Ficus Carica’ in Ancient Egypt until the New Kingdom

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This research is entitled as “The Common Figs ‘Ficus Carica’ in Ancient Egypt until the New Kingdom”.  The Common figs were cultivated in Egypt from an early date and is frequently mentioned in offering lists and other texts from the Old Kingdom onwards. The fig fruit was considered a common food source for ancient Egyptians; hence figs were frequently presented in offering scenes and were represented in food tables in many other wall scenes. Figs had also magical means and were used to fight the physical symptoms of illness by the application of a remedy or physical treatment.
Several scenes had figured the figs fruits collection in the tombs of nobles and high officials of the Old kingdom and onwards.
The objectives of the research:
–       This research aims to focus the light on the term fig in ancient Egyptian language.
–       This study aims to study and analyze the fig fruit in ancient Egypt.
–       This research also aims to collect the published representations of the fig collection scenes in order to better understand its functions.
–       It also aims to determine the medical prescriptions where figs were used as a main ingredient.
The research framework: The research framework is an artistic study, for studying the common Figs ‘Ficus Carica’ in ancient Egypt.
The research type: The research is a combined study between both descriptive and analytical sides.


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