Marketing Egyptian Crafts Villages for Preserving the Cultural Heritage "Applied on the Nubian Village of Gharb Soheil"

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The crafts' value is widely acknowledged for the cultural heritage, and deserved attention to its different applications in tourism. This illustrates the key role that crafts play in preserving the traditional heritage. This research depended upon primary data through addressing 450 questionnaire forms to tourists: from October 2019 to January, 2020. The number of valid forms was 392, representing 87.1%. The questionnaires were formed to shed light on the role of crafts villages as a way towards preserving the Egyptian cultural heritage and identify the tourism marketing process of Gharb Soheil. It also depended upon secondary data related to the research's subject. The findings have revealed that despite the significant cultural value of Gharb Soheil crafts village and the importance of its crafts in preserving a part of the Egyptian cultural heritage, there is no effective marketing for it. The research recommends adopting a marketing plan depending basically upon promotional methods represented in increasing publications concerning Gharb Soheil crafts village and setting up an official website concerning Gharb Soheil and its unique crafts. Furthermore, it recommends carrying out market research for targeting and segmenting tourists and determining their needs and wants. The research also recommends doing post visit and post purchase research for measuring tourists' satisfaction with their visit to the village, and tackling any problems found.  


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