Gamification Impact on Enhancing Visiting Entertainment Destination: The Case of Siwa Oasis

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In order to anticipate, address and overcome the new challenges and trends of the Tourism sector, the World Tourism Organization is currently focusing on a strategy on Innovation and Digital Transformation. Gamification can be a key element Digital Transformation and one of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (virtual reality) applications. gamification has gained up growing attention from researchers of multiple fields including health care, education, marketing, and tourism. It is believed that gamification of tourism can contribute to a richer experience and higher level of satisfaction.
This paper discusses how game designs elements can be enhancing destination visiting process (before, during and after the visit) through 6D framework design (it is a design process with 6 steps including, define business objectives, delineate target behavior, describe your players, devise activity loops, do not forget the fun, and deploy appropriate tools).
This study consolidates three dimensions of gamification elements (game design, brand app experience, and consumer–brand satisfy
aaaction) to explore the impact of gamification at purchase intentions. The results indicated that there is no correlation between the mentioned dimensions and gender. It also indicated that game design, and brand applications experience were critical factors for influencing the purchase intention of clients while consumer–brand satisfaction has no influence on purchase intention.


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