Water Quality as a Food Safety Special Issue on Cruise Ships: Applied to Cruises in the Governorates of Luxor and Aswan

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Cruises in Egypt have a distinguished international reputation and even in the critical times that Egyptian tourism suffered, these cruises were on the River Nile filled up with tourists coming to them from every part of the world. However, cruise customers can be exposed to dangerous situations involving water borne illnesses. The objectives of the study are to reveal the current water quality situation, investigate the interaction of activities and water quality, and their effects on food safety and human health. The results got fresh water for ships in one of two ways: by producing it onboard by mean (4.58) or by acquiring it from local sources in ports by mean (4.71). The research results were obtained through the questionnaires distribution, as well as obtaining a water sample and analyzing it both microbiologically and chemically. The results of this study showed that the extent of water hygiene and safety in floating hotels in Luxor and Aswan governorates, and the impact of using that water on the health of the inmates, and sources of pollution. (131) questionnaires were distributed to floating hotel managers, while (86) questionnaires were retrieved by (65.6%). To measure the extent of awareness and attention to water quality in floating hotels in the governorates of Luxor and Aswan and highlight the sources of pollution in order to pay attention to the health and safety of inmates and workers. A random water sample was obtained from a cruise to ensure the health and safety of water that used on a board of cruises. It has already been proven that there are no microbes, and the report has already confirmed that the water sample is suitable for human consumption. While, the bacteriological analysis of water was done by a medical analysis laboratory, expert in microbiologically and chemically analysis.


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