Assessing Tourism Services Quality and Its Effect on Egyptians Tourists Satisfaction in Hurghada

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In the world of business, customers are crucial. Companies must keep satisfying their customers to improve profitability and market share to survive in the competition. Companies need to find what their customers need, what they want, and what they value. Service quality has been the topic of many research studies during the last decades. In recent decades, authors found that the quality of services has a significant influence on customer satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to assess the level of tourism service quality presented by travel agencies and its influence on tourist's satisfaction in Hurghada city. To achieve the aim of the research, quantitative approach based on a questionnaire was developed and directed to a sample of Egyptians tourists. The questionnaire was handled to 650 Egyptians tourists. Out of this number, 578 forms were available for analysis representing 88.9% response rate. The research indicated that Egyptians tourists are satisfied with accommodation and catering services quality then optional tours services quality. But they less satisfied with the arrival and departure times. After discussing the findings of the research, the research pointed to a conclusion and recommendation with respect to assess the tourism services quality in Hurghada city.


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