Metaphorical Use of Nature in Expressing Self-perfection from the Middle Kingdom till the Early of the Ptolemaic Period

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Using metaphors of self-perfection and pride are considered clear and strong indication that the Egyptians gave care for their social image and the way it was presented for the readers of their literary texts. Therefore, they strived to present their self- perfection in an aesthetic and atypical way through a decorative and beautiful language. The study discusses representations of the self-perfection by the individuals in ancient Egyptian literature untill the early Ptolemaic Period. The researcher argued that the ancient Egyptians were aware of how to  draw pictures of their reality and characters in metaphorical way by using the most appropriate examples. For example, they used some natural elements like sun, moon, stars, flowers, plants, trees, flowing waters of the Nile and others because of their beautiful and beneficent nature. These metaphors express many moral aspects of ancient Egyptians' character such as great-hearted, brave, trusted, sharp, lovable and cool person.


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