The Role of Tour Guide Performance in Creating Responsible Tourist Behavior: An Empirical Study: Archaeological Sites in Alexandria

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In spite of, Alexandria has many tourist attractions, but its archaeological sites are seen as most attracting many tourists. In consideration of the growth of mass tourism at archaeological sites, tourists’ behavior and their numbers may have many possible harmful effects such as noise, overcrowding and pollution. Although, there are many factors that can affect tourists' behavior in the destination, but this research has interested to study the relationship between tour guide performance and responsible tourist behavior at archaeological sites by analyzing the impact of intermediate factors like tourist satisfaction and experience. This research has been based on a descriptive survey method through distributing a set of questionnaires from 21 November 2019 until mid-December 2019 at certain archaeological sites in Alexandria. The structural model was tested on a sample of 334 tourists who have visited these sites. This study was based on confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to evaluate and check the reliability and validity of the current conceptual model and path analysis to test the mediation effects of tourism experience and satisfaction. Finally, the Structural equation modeling (SEM) has shown the effective role of tour guide performance, tourism experience and tourism satisfaction in directing tourists' behavior towards responsible behavior. 


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