Attitudes of Faculty Staff and Students Towards the Experience of Distance Learning During COVID-19 According to Learning Outcomes: A comparative Study Between Faculty of Education and Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Fayoum University.

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The world is currently witnessing a major event that may threaten education with a tremendous crisis, perhaps the most dangerous in our contemporary times, which is the emerging COVID-19 crisis, as schools and university faculties have adopted the method of distance learning to overcome this crisis by giving virtual lectures and enabling students to follow lectures in their homes via Computers, and had it not been for this epidemic pandemic, our schools and universities would not have distance learning in the manner imposed by the circumstances of this pandemic. The study was aimed at recognition the attitudes of faculty staff and students of Fayoum University towards the experience of Distance learning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic according to learning outcomes, the study reached a set of results, including The distance learning experience in light of COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to achieving a set of educational advantages in all elements of the curriculum system and the educational process for faculty staff and the assisting body in various aspectsalso distance learning  faces some challenges such as the immature infrastructure, unawareness, resistance to change, and computer/Internet illiteracy. 


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