Arab Tourist Behavior in the Egyptian Tourist Destination

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This research aims to study the behavior of the Arab tourist in the Egyptian tourist destination from several aspects, the most important of which is the level of dealing with service providers, and his tendencies and rates of spending and consumption in the Egyptian tourist destination. The researchers designed a scale that was distributed to a random sample of employees in the tourism and hotel fields. One of the most important nationalities of the sample was the Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, and Libya tourists. The research tool was designed on the google form website. The tool was electronically distributed to the study sample, and the correct responses came with 391 complete answers. The researchers used the program of Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS V.22) to reach the required results, the most important result is that the rate of satisfaction of tourism service providers with the behavior of Arab tourists is high because of tourists’ good ethics in dealing and always satisfied with the services provided without clear complaints, Arab tourists are the best of tourists because of their behavior in paying for service, tips, and spending. In the end, the research recommended the need to preserve this type of tourist market due to its distinguishment of a set of advantages that are not available in other tourist markets.


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