Finding the Missing Pieces of Food Safety Training Puzzle on Nile Cruises: a Delphi Approach

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The Nile cruises operating between Luxor and Aswan are major contributors to tourism and hospitality in Egypt. Research has found that one of the vital challenges is the absence/ lack of effective management of food safety since some food poisoning incidences on Nile cruises were reported. However, there is no in-depth evidence on food safety training features on Nile cruises. This study aims to determine the consensus among a sample of experts on the main features of food safety training on the Nile cruises. A panel of 30 experts participated in a modified, three-round Delphi technique (DT) for conducting this study.  The panel included academics, food safety trainers, Nile cruises managers, food safety auditors, and tourism and health ministries experts. The findings exposed that ineffective training needs analysis, evaluation, and vague legal requirements are the most important feature of food safety training on Nile cruises. The findings of this study may be useful for cruisers management, food safety trainers and auditors, as well as policymakers for future effective food safety training.


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