The Role of Teaching Aids in Higher Education to Counter the Emerging Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Producing a competent and highly qualified graduate has become a vital issue in higher education concern. Graduates could be well-prepared for the required skills which meet the hospitality industry’s needs and demands by applying appropriate and updated teaching aids. The research aims are focused to measure and rank the role of the teaching aids in higher education from the students’ and lecturers’ opinions to identify the areas that need improvements and to counter the emerging Coronavirus. Moreover, if the above-mentioned affected and stipulated the achievement of their purposes, roles, and tasks in the teaching and learning process. Questionnaires were distributed to lecturers and students of the three higher tourism and hotels institutes in Egypt. Nine hundred fifty persons completed questionnaires and returned, then after 822 out of them were valid for the research to be analyzed by (86.52 % valid rate).  Results show that teaching aids have a vital role in higher education to counter the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19). Moreover, the use of modern technology in educational aids contributes to supporting higher education to counter the emerging Coronavirus; using remote teaching aids tools which satisfy students and people to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus; teaching aids help raise the level of students. The study recommended that: more care should be taken with regard to assessing the role of educational aids in higher education to confront the emerging coronavirus. Improving technical support provided by higher education; As well as renewing the content of distance educational tools; the role of educational aids especially on distance must be activated for their role in supporting higher education to counter the Coronavirus; this by its turn should encourage the application of educational methods as an active teaching method in higher education, which has become an inevitable and indispensable necessity for conducting this study.


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