The Impact of Yield Management on the Profitability of Food and Beverage Department in Five-Star Hotels

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Research on applying the Yield Management concept to restaurants has been growing since the term Restaurant Yield Management (RYM) was first investigated in the late nineties. This study presents a comprehensive review of the effect of yield management implementation on the profitability of food and beverage sections at five-star hotels in Greater Cairo.The study aims to maximize the revenue in restaurants by applying RYM. The quantitative approach employing an online structured questionnaire was used. The employed sampling type in this study is total population sample, non-probability and purposive. The total distributed questionnaire was one hundred seventy questionnaires and the number of returned and valid questionnaires for analysis is one hundred fifty with the response rate was (88.23%).The findings indicate that pricing significantly affects profitability. Also, competition significantly affects profitability. On the contrary, the other (six) variables of yield management were found to have a significant effect on profitability. The high significance of pricing and competition analysis. 


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