The Effect of Yield Management on Food & Beverage Department Profitability in Five-Star Hotels in Greater Cairo: A qualitative approach

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This study aims to identify the concept of yield management in the food and beverage department in the hotels and explore the obstacles that may face Food and beverage yield management implementing in five-star hotels in greater Cairo and its effect on the profitability of the department. A qualitative approach was adopted in this research based on structured interviews, the employed sampling type in this study is non-probability and purposive. Many definitions were explored by the expertise and many obstacles may face the implementing yield management practices in F & B department in five-star hotels in greater Cairo has been discovered and showed a great influence on the profitability of the department, many recommendations were advised at the end of the research. Future research, more research is required to investigate the practices of food and beverage yield management and to find out the more obstacles facing implementing yield management.


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