The Bronze Coins of Alexander the Great in NEMC Collection

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The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NEMC) has preserved since 2007 a collection of coins that were donated by Emma Jacot to the Greco-Roman Museum of Alexandria in 1953. The coins represented with the figure of Alexander the Great as a young man with a different hairstyle on the obverse and the Ptolemaic eagle on the reverse; are three examples of this type there are carried with the index numbers (26280, 2628, and 26279), denoting the influence of this leader on the early denomination of bronze coins of Ptolemaic Period. This research aims to study the character of the early Ptolemaic monitoring system and the significance of the depiction of Alexander the Great with the available examples. The results highlighted the Ptolemaic policy of taking advantage of Alexander to reinforce the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt.


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