Factors Influencing Customer Value Co-Creation in Hotels: Customer Perspective

Document Type : Original Research Articles



Hotels strive to co-create value with customers to understand their needs and introduce innovative products. Value co-creation brings about many benefits not only for businesses but also for customers. Given the importance of value co-creation in the hotel business, it is imperative to investigate and determine the factors that affect it. Also, this study examines the impact of three different types of predictors (i.e., employee, customer, and company factors) on customer value co-creation (CVC). For attaining these objectives, data was collected using questionnaires from a convenience sample of 400 customers in 10 five-star hotels in Cairo. However, valid questionnaire forms received from customers were 244, with a response rate of 61 per cent. Descriptive analysis, correlation analysis, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests, and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data. In terms of research results, the three types of independent factors were found to positively affect CVC. Moreover, value co-creation was significantly influenced by two elements of individual characteristics (i.e., age and educational level). Therefore, results suggested that hotels should maintain employees’ current level of EI and empathy. Furthermore, hotels should involve customers more in value co-creation activities. Moreover, hotels must not only continue to provide customer education and organizational support, but also must increase these resources.


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