The Effect of Tourism and Hospitality Services Dimensions on Individual Tourist Satisfaction in Egypt

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This study examines how tourism and hospitality services in Egypt affect individual travel tourists’ satisfaction. The study aims to clarify the implications of these variables, as they are essential topics that need a convergence of tourism and hospitality, and then test possible implementation in the Egyptian destination, which will be formed by the hotels and tourism companies in Luxor and Aswan. The questionnaire is the method used to collect data in a sample of the fourteen five and four-star hotels and ten tourism companies in Luxor and Aswan. The target population for this study was tourists. The study concluded with a set of theoretical and practical conclusions that identified the response of the tourism and hospitality services in Egypt affects individual travel tourists’ satisfaction with choosing Egypt as a destination is the central core of the present study, and hospitality services from the tourist s’ point of view. The most important recommendations are tourism, and hospitality destinations must meet the needs of their tourist to achieve sustainable profits. Measure tourist satisfaction and evaluate the effect of hospitality services dimensions on individual tourist satisfaction in Egypt


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