The God Bak “BAq” in Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian religion, which arose somewhere in prehistory, was founded on the beliefs and ceremonies surrounding the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. The Egyptians supported and appeased these deities who represented natural forces and phenomena through offerings and ceremonies in order for these forces to continue to function. This paper investigates the god BAq, whose name is associated with the determinative of a tree , especially the Moringa tree which was known in ancient Egypt as "bAq" and its significance came to the fore through its connections to some of the gods, is inscribed in several objects, tombs and temples dated back to the New Kingdom, onwards. The main purpose of this article is to trace and analyse the scenes and inscriptions related to that particular god, to better understand his forms, functions, titles and his relationship with other deities. It also aims to detect the relationship between the god’s name and the Moringa tree. In spite of the lack of references that deals directly with the god BAq, the study resulted in specific important conclusions including the name forms of the deity and their relationship with the Moringa tree, in addition to the deity’s forms and relationship with other deities. The analytical and descriptive methodology will be employed.


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