Assessing Air Services and Facilities Provided to Passengers with Disabilities at EgyptAir.

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The number of passengers with disabilities (PWDs) has increased internationally, and airline service and facilities suppliers may have the ability to generate a profitable opportunity in the niche markets. However, it is less obvious what the service requirements of these disabled air passengers are, in addition to providing airline servicesand facilities. This research aims to identify the current reality of services provided to passengers with disabilities at EgyptAir and assesses the satisfaction levels of disabled air passengers. To achieve that, this research used the descriptive analytical approach, where a questionnaire was prepared and distributed to a random sample of four hundred and eight (408) passengers with disabilities in EgyptAir. The results of the tools were analysed using descriptive statistics, factor analysis, reliability analysis, coefficient analysis, Pearson correlation analysis, regression analysis, and chi-square test with the support of SPSS22.0. The research results show a very strong positive correlation between services and facilities provided to passengers with disabilities and passengers with disabilities’ satisfaction levels with services and facilities in EgyptAir Airlines, Cairo international airport, and aircraft on board. The research recommended that screens at airline check-in counters should show which counter is designated for PWDs, as some of them wait in line for hours without understanding they have priority registration. 


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