Predicting Green Innovation in Egyptian Travel Agencies and Hotels through Green Organizational Responses

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This research aims to examine the nexus between green organizational responses (GOR) and green innovation (GI) in Egyptian travel agencies and hotels. A total of 500 online questionnaires were analysed by managers in Egyptian travel agencies and hotels. Questionnaires are analysed through correlation and Regression-based by using SPSS V25 to support all the research hypotheses. The results showed only four dimensions of GOR including top management support, training, research and development investments, and environmental management systems have a positive influence on GI. While the results also revealed that the fifth dimension of GOR (collaboration networks) has no significant effect on GI. These results have significant theoretical and practical implications for Egyptian travel agencies and hotels. The research recommends the owners and managers of Egyptian travel agencies and hotels strengthen cooperation networks with suppliers, universities, competitors, and government agencies to achieve GI, and provide HR specialists and all the necessary tools to support research and development investments, which will positively reflect on GI.


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