Robots, artificial intelligence, and service automation (RAISA) technologies in the Egyptian hotel sector: A current situation assessment

Document Type : Conference papers



In the Egyptian marketplace, particularly in the tourism and hotel sector, there needs to be more research on artificial intelligence in the hotel sector. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the newest technological trend in our daily lives. Around the world, the tourist and hospitality industries rely heavily on robots (R), artificial intelligence (AI), and service automation (SA) (RAISA) technology. However, research into the topic in the Egyptian tourism and hospitality industries has been largely ignored. This research aims to examine the use of RAISA technologies in the hotel industry in Egypt. While primary data was gathered through an empirical study conducted using a depth semi-structured interview method, qualitative data was collected from a sample of twenty IT managers in the Egyptian hotel sector and analyzed. Secondary data was gathered from studies on (RAISA) technologies in the Egyptian hotel sector. The findings confirmed that robots have no applications in the Egyptian hotel industry. According to the interviewees, the most significant benefits of RAISA are increased service quality, improved performance, reduced human errors, and resolving employee mental and psychological problems. The disadvantages are the significant investments required and the reduced human interactions between customers and employees