The Adoption of Menu Engineering as an Electronic Management System in Cairo Five-Star Hotels

Document Type : Original Research Articles



The menu engineering is one of the electronic systems that hotels rely on its practices to operate the food and beverage department. Therefore, the study aims to investigate the extent to which food and beverage management applies the menu engineering system in five-star hotels and what the perceptions of employees about the impact of applying menu engineering systems on cost. 84 employees of the Food and Beverage department and related departments were targeted be the study population. The primary data for the study was collected by using an electronic questionnaire on the target respondents in the five-star hotels located in Cairo. The data obtained were analyzed by using (SPSS V. 26) and the results of the study confirmed that the practices of the menu engineering system positively effect on the cost control of the food and beverage department operations. The main contribution of this study is to fill in the literature gap on the impact of adopting menu engineering systems on costs control in the food and beverage department. This should guide future research for further studies.