Using Modern Technologies in the Museums’ Exhibitions: The Grand Egyptian Museum as a Case Study

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Lecturer in Tourist Guiding Department High Institute of Tourism & Hotels – King Marriot Alexandria - Egypt


Museums are vital for learning about our culture and history. Museums also hire 
professionals to restore and care for these priceless items so that future generations can 
enjoy them. We would almost likely lose the concrete ties to our past if museums did not 
exist. Incorporating interactive components and modern technology into a 
museum setting is not a novel notion. Museums have permanently housed actual items. Audio 
recordings with explanations, interactive displays, and video pieces have all been used. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality will certainly continue this trend but in 
somewhat different ways separate ways. The advancement of technology and the 
existence of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality technology and its 
use in museums, have helped to increase the importance of museums and make better 
use of them, allowing us to learn more about our history and civilization in a more 
enjoyable manner.