Assessment of University Residence Food service Using Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA): Student Perspective (A Case Study of Sadat City University)

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University residence foodservice aspects which need to be prioritized for improvements have not been assessed yet via Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) approach although it has been broadly applied in numerous fields and environments. Therefore, this study investigates the student perceptions of university residence foodservice aspects (i.e. food, service, ambiance, sanitation, and management supervision) using IPA. It also explores which foodservice aspects influence student satisfaction.  In addition, this study examines whether management supervision affects the other residence foodservice aspects or not. A questionnaire was developed to achieve these objectives. The IPA and regression analysis were used to analyze the returned 435 questionnaire forms collected from Sadat City University students. The IPA shows that food, service, and sanitation are three key areas where improvement efforts should be made. Moreover, the regression analysis identifies that only three aspects (i.e. service, food, and management supervision) were found to significantly affect student satisfaction, respectively. The study highlights an additional key finding that management supervision has a significant effect on the other foodservice aspects, particularly sanitation. Thus, university management should reasonably allocate their limited resources to residence foodservice attributes based on their contributions to student satisfaction.


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