Investigating the Relationship between Work- Life Balance and Employee Engagement among Flight Attendants

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Work-life balance and employee engagement have become two considerable concepts that capture the attention of both academics and practitioners. The prime concern of this paper is to examine the relationship between work-life balance and employee engagement among flight attendants in Egypt. The study focuses on the positive side of work life balance (work life polices and supervisor support) and how they sustain employee engagement. Primary data was conducted using a questionnaire survey of flight attendants in Egyptian airlines. The findings indicated that both work life balance policies and supervisor support were positively correlated with the job engagement of the Egyptian flight attendants. The study proved also that the supervisor support effect on the employee engagement was higher than the effect of work life policies. Based on these results, this study can be concluded that work life balance had a positive significant impact on the engagement of the Egyptian flight attendants. Finally, this study concludes by discussing managerial implications and providing suggestions for future research.


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