Lantern in Houses and Religious Establishments through the Paintings of Orientalists in the 12th- 13th AH/ 18th- 19th AD

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Drawings of Orientalists presented exact details of different peoples’ lives, as well as their lifestyle and their worship. These artistic paintings aimed to highlight the architecture art of Islamic civilization, as Orientalists witnessed during their visits; and here lies the importance of these paintings in history. Some of the Orientalists’ paintings, depicting religious establishments and homes from inside, were decorated with different lighting tools, the most important of them were the lanterns, or as it was called in Morocco chandelier. The paper is aiming to present the different types of lanterns in Islamic art, in addition to the most important Orientalists artists, who presented the Islamic enlightenment in their paintings.
Research target: The main target of the research is to highlight the aesthetics of the Lantern by studying the plates of the Orientalists in (the 12th- 13th centuries AD/ 18th- 19th centuries) from the historical perspective, as well as to compare between the various plates to clarify the artistic and decorative values.
Research methodology: To achieve the objectives of the research, both the descriptive and historical methods are used to study lanterns in the Orientalists’ paintings, and to compare them with those stored in the different museum.


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