Menu Sustainability in the Egyptian Upscale and Fine Dinning Restaurants: Descriptive Approach

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Sustainability is considered as one of the most important issues in food trends over the globe. Research about menu sustainability still needs more empirical investigations. This research aims to explore if restaurateurs in Egypt are adapting principles and practices of sustainability in constructing their restaurant’s menus. The current research adopted a deductive approach using the questionnaire strategy as a data collection instrument. The population of the study was the general managers and assistant general managers who are working in the upscale and fine dining restaurants in Greater Cairo (Cairo and Giza). Simple random sampling was chosen as the most proper sampling technique to achieve the study objectives. 300 questionnaires were distributed to managers of the sampled restaurants. The returned and valid questionnaires for analysis were 284, with a valid response rate estimated to be 94.3%. Research findings highlighted that the investigated restaurants responded effectively to the growing needs of the consumers who become more concerned with environmental friendly and sustainable products and services.


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