The Role of Faculties of Tourism and Hotel Management in Developing the Etiquette and Communication Skills for Students within the Educational Community

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Personality development is a cautious and continuous effort of individuals to inculcate attributes like positive attitude, etiquette and positive body language in their personality so that they achieve new heights in Tourism Industry. Tourism industry is a people to people, intangible and glamour’s industry which demands professionals which have a right blend of hard skills and soft skills. So, we must Focus on the importance of the role of tourism studies department of faculties of tourism in developing students' skills within the educational community as a prelude to their dealings in the tourism work, with another perspective: tourism education and capacity building for Employment. For the purposes of this paper, we will focus on Development tourism service etiquette and communication skills for the students such as listening and speaking skills, body language, eye contact, feedback and also, the importance of the development of these skills not only through scientific material, but also practical training through educational tourism companies within the tourism colleges.
Problem of study: Although the teaching of theory scientific materials in departments of tourism studies for the development of students 'skills and capacity-building as a prelude to their dealings in the tourism work like study (Etiquette and the Protocol), but it did not achieve the desired goal to develop students' skills in proportion to the tourism labor market.


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