Evaluating the Impact of DMO Websites on Travellers’ Attitudes Toward Tourism Destination Selection: A Case Study of Fayoum Governorate

Document Type : Original Research Articles



DMO websites have become the preferred source of travel information. As it significantly contributes to connecting the resources of the destination with the needs of visitors. On the other hand, it was discovered that research on the impact of these websites on the Tourist Destination Selection and consumer behavior is scarce and lacking. This study investigates evaluating the effectiveness of DMO websites in Tourist Destination Selection and Consumer Behaviour. The research is based upon a questionnaire survey distributed to the local population of Fayoum Governorate, and the Fayoum area was represented within the governorate's centers as a sample for data collection. Structural equation modeling is used to examine the relationships between the service Quality provided on the site, its design, information about attractions and accommodations, and the attitude toward websites. The results show supporting the promotion of tourist destinations through these websites and increasing community awareness of their significance and successful implementation.