Evaluating Risk Management at Luxor and Aswan Hotels during the Covid-19

Document Type : Original Research Articles



This study aimed to evaluate the risk management practices at Luxor and Aswan hotels. To achieve the objective of the study; the quantitative method was used as 412 questionnaires were distributed to a sample of five stars hotel workers in Luxor and Aswan. Only 342 questionnaires were analyzed using the SPSS program v.26. The results of the study highlighted that there is no statistically significant differences in the responses of the sample members to the variables of risk management, risk identification, risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk management procedures due to demographic variables (gender, age, educational level, work experience). As well, the results indicated that there is a high level of risk identification risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk management procedures in Luxor and Aswan hotels. In light of these results, we recommended forming a permanent teamwork to analyze the work environment, anticipate and analyze what hotels may face from risks and crises (political, health, financial, operational...etc), and develop mechanisms to deal with those risks, in order to enhance the hotels’ ability to face any future risks may affect its performance.