Assessing the Importance of DMOs Websites in Marketing Local Destinations: a Case Study of Minia Governorate)

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Destination management organizations (DMOs) are increasingly using the internet as their primary marketing vehicle with the proliferation of online commerce. They are turning to online channels to address the introduction of new behaviors of individuals and visitors with the recent proliferation of the internet. As many potential travellers prefer to look up travel information online. Furthermore, travel information includes itinerary, event calendar, local transportation, hotels, language, currency and visa information. Moreover, customers are increasingly buying their airline tickets online rather than in person. In addition, due to the growing popularity of online transactions, DMOs are increasingly turning to the World Wide Web (WWW) as their primary marketing platform. As well as they are so committed to promoting and presenting their regions that they create official tourism or destination websites. The research is based upon a questionnaire survey distributed to the local population Minia Governorate, and the minia area was represented within the governorate's centres as a sample for data collection. Structural equation modeling is used to examine the relationships between the information Quality provided on the website, the usability of the website and the attitude towards it. The results indicate supporting the marketing of the local destinations through these websites and increasing community awareness of their significance and successful implementation.