Investigating the Factors Influencing Egyptian Domestic Tourists' Online Purchase Intention

Document Type : Original Research Articles



The present study tests structural model statements travelers’ Online Purchase Intention of Egyptian domestic tourists using data collected from domestic travelers in Egypt. The study take the Technology Acceptance Model extend (TAM) by integrating travelers’ Perceived Risks and Trust in online-purchases with the various variables of the framework (Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and Attitude). The aim of study is assessing the factors which influencing in Online Purchase Intention of the Domestic Tourists in Egypt. Therefore, this study aims to explore extend of influencing model factors (Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Risks, and Trust) on Domestic tourist’s Online Purchase Intention in Egypt. The study depends on primary data collected from a sample of domestic tourists in Egypt. A questionnaire as the quantitative approach was distributed to domestic tourists who had reserved or purchased a travel service via the Internet at least once. The total respondents of to the questionnaire are 216 respondents. The collecting data were coded and analyzed via SPSS v 24. The results demonstrated that there is an appositive significant relation between the factors (Usefulness, Ease of Use, Online Trust, and Online Attitude) and domestic tourists’ Online Purchase Intention. Moreover, the relationship between Online Risks and the Online Purchase Intention of domestic tourists is negative in Egypt. The study recommendation demonstrated that the travel agency in Egypt should encourage domestic tourists to pay online. In addition, they should offer many types of secure online payment.