Vignettes of the Spell 92 in the Book of the Dead and the like in Religious Sources


The Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels, (EGOTH), Ismailia, Egypt


The ba and the shadow played a vital role to safeguard the useful life of the deceased in the afterlife. This paper deals with vignettes of spells for getting in and out of the tomb. Especially, in the Book of the Dead and other religious sources. The manifestation of these spells was mainly drawn in papyrus and a few similar drawings were found in the tombs’ walls. Some of these vignettes/scenes depicted both the ba-soul and shadow at the door’s tombs, these scenes are closely connected with chapter 92 from the Book of the Dead and, other related spells in funeral texts. The purpose of these spells is to make the shadow and the ba safely reintegrate with the body of the deceased. Hence, the body regains vital function and restores the unity of the person in the other world. Therefore, the nothingness of the deceased was achieved when the ba and the shadow of the deceased were locked or exposed to severe punishment in the afterlife.


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