Exploring the Potentiality of Applying Smart Airport Technologies in Egyptian International Airports

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With the continuous growth of air traffic, many airports have become transportation hubs for people, information and trade. They have also become more entrepreneurial and proactive to the changing aviation dynamics. This has urged many airports across the globe to implement new technological self-service solutions such as robotics kiosk, facial recognition, automated passport control, and others to be able to manage airport operations effectively. Many companies have also been concerned with the introduction of advanced technology solutions and systems such as communication systems, non-aeronautical systems, and security systems for airports in order to provide value added services to passengers. The current paper aims at exploring the potential opportunity of applying smart airport technologies in the Egyptian airports through the distribution of a show card on four key representatives of the aviation industry in Egypt during the conduction of in depth semi-structured interviews with them. The paper concludes with insights regarding the smart airport tools and solutions that can be implemented in Egyptian international airports.


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