Profiling UAE Youth Travel: Application of Push and Pull Theory

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Youth in the GCC countries have higher economic resources compared to their peers in other areas of the world. Existing studies have mainly focused on American, European and Asian youth travelers with different cultural background, preferences and behavior from Arab youth.  In response to the emerging youth travel market in the rich GCC countries, this study sets out to fill the gap in research in this regard. The purpose of the study is to highlight the main factors that motivate Emirati youth to travel, the main information resources they use and their tendency to purchase packaged tours. The study applied the push and pull motivational theory to define the most significant UAE youth travel motives. A quantitative web-based survey was used to collect the required data. The findings of this study have proved that pull factors are more significant determinants for UAE youth travel than the push factors.  Besides, it was revealed that the majority of UAE youth depend on the internet for travel information. Finally, the study finding shows that UAE youth prefer independent travel over packaged trips. The findings of the study have many implications for tourism suppliers and marketers who wish to target this lucrative market.


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