The Historical Development of the Tourist Guidance Profession

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The research aims to develop a positive mental image about the nature of work of a tourist guide, and to discuss the historical development stages of the profession of tour guidance in Egypt, starting from the ancient Egyptian era through the Greek and Roman times until today.
The researcher also elaborates on how a tourist guide has changed in the modern era, from someone who just directed foreigners in archaeological sites to a well-educated person who has sufficient knowledge of archaeology and history. Additionally, the researcher highlights the periods when tourist guides had a prestigious status in the Egyptian society, and the time when their economic conditions started to deteriorate. He also talks about the establishment of the first association of tour guides which was followed by the founding of the first syndicate of tour guides.
Moreover, the researcher mentions the important role of a tourist guide in the Egyptian modern history and the extent to which it influenced tourism in Egypt. He assured that the absence of efficient tourist guides would definitely lead the whole tourist sector to collapse. Therefore, he concluded that it is necessary to protect and improve the profession of tour guidance in Egypt by removing any legislative obstacles it faces, and by providing Egyptian tourist guides with the convenient social, economic, and healthy conditions of living they deserve


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