Assessment of the Role of Top Management in the Egyptian Hospitality Industry through All-Inclusive Sales: The Case of Hurghada

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The major role of top management in the hospitality industry represents includes planning, supervision, regulation, follow-up stimulus and top management operations, in addition to the main role in the marketing and sales and achieving the desired goals of the organization's operations. Achieving these tasks can be judged or evaluated the performance of this management. This study aims to examine assessment of the role of top management in the Egyptian hospitality industry through the All-Inclusive sales, through a case of Hurghada destination in the Red Sea Governorate in order to reach the best recommendations and suggestions for the improvement and development of the real role of top management and this will be of great benefits to the Egyptian hospitality industry in general.
In order to achieve this aim, mixes of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods were used. Where it was used semi-structured personal interview with some of hotel general managers and their assistants. Also, two types of questionnaire forms were conducted with hotel employees and hotel. Meanwhile, the investigated hotels are limited to five and four star categories in Hurghada destination.


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